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Chris Patton, the Head of Product at VirtuousAI, reveals how his company plans to use FalkorDB as a key element of its solution. VirtuousAI is an ethical AI platform that provides “whitebox” ML models, AI audits, and AI advice to help businesses create more powerful and trustworthy applications. FalkorDB is a fast low latency Graph Database that uses sparse matrices and linear algebra to query and analyze complex data relationships with high performance and scalability.
“Virtuous AI intends to use FalkorDB to create a large, centralized data store for public data (common crawl and other miscellaneous data sources) and private data (client data) that contains different modalities (text, image, HTML, video, and tabular) with different link types between this data. The GraphDB will feed our foundational model algorithms via PyTorch and Tensorflow dataloaders, and be updated with output embeddings from the aforementioned algorithms as well.”
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